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Getting pregnant naturally, a personal experience

After meeting the man of my dreams later in life at the age of 41 we decided to see if god would grant us a natural pregnancy. I was healthy and fit and very happy with my life partner who would make an amazing father so now was the right time.
Doctors verdict – “5% chance of getting pregnant naturally due to remaining egg count and age, increase to 30% chance if I did IVF’ I was pretty devastated but also determined to prove them wrong.
My partner and I decided to give my body the best chance possible of getting pregnant naturally and defy the 5% verdict!
I knew of Nellie-B-Well Gain Life Fast programme, I liked that it was guided and included 4 x one on one sessions to align my mind with my body. I reached out to her and booked it in. I had never done any sort of fast before, I was excited, it felt right and good timing for me. I was ready to be the healthiest version of me!
Wow! I loved every part of it! My body showed signs straight away. I thought i was relatively healthy but that first 'detox' week i really detoxed!!! It was amazing stuff! 
The juicing weeks were not as hard as I thought it would be, I did feel hungry at times but the support is there and the juices are enough to provide the body with the nutrients it needs.
The content Nellie provides and the one on one sessions are just price less, she is so naturally intuitive! 
Nellie helped me to uncover and move some underlining crap that had been sitting below the surface for years! Ill be forever grateful! This produced a massive shift for me, stuff I hadn’t been able to move on from for years!
I loved letting go to the process and feeling my body and mind clean out the toxins and reboot to a pure healthy state. I experienced many emotions along the way but the best is just a pure natural high that I have only experienced once before when i was training to be a yoga teacher, that high alone is worth doing the fast for :-)
I basically let go of all the toxic waste in my body and mind and felt so clean and free it was invigorating!
As part of the programme, on completion of the juicing, I then reboot my gut with Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood, it felt so good to put such a clean natural probiotic into my gut after I had just cleaned it out.
The end result - I felt balanced, detoxed, cleansed, healed and within days of finishing the fast - pregnant! :-) Amazing!!!!
I am now 36 weeks pregnant and blissfully happy. I have maintained the Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood throughout my pregnancy and I have enjoyed a good healthy pregnancy throughout the whole amazing journey. It was perfect to go into my pregnancy in such a healthy state.
Ill be forever grateful to Nellie and the Gain Life Fast programme and recommend it to anyone wanting to re boot their health and/or clear anything holding them back - it is brilliant!! Nellie you are truly amazing at what you do, a natural!
I’ll be doing another one again for sure!
Cassie x
GM, Immunity Fuel Australia


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