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Low Tox your Life one step at a time

Spring is a great time of year to detox not only yourself from the inside out but it is also a great time to de -clutter your home and give it a thorough "Spring Clean". 
We know how amazing it feels when you have had a good clean out of your own system, you feel lighter, more energised and well just clean from the inside out.  

When we de clutter our home and give it a thorough clean we also feel cleaner, lighter and well just happier. Have you tried low toxing your entire lifestyle? So basically eliminating the toxins from every facet of your life....  From the air you are breathing, the water you are drinking, cleaning products, recycling, green living, wholefood eating, the products you use on your face and body etc
I know the prospect of this can seem quiet daunting. where do you start right and how?  well basically start one step at a time. I have done the ground work for you and have some key tips to help you...

Detox yourself from the inside out

  • take a daily probiotic and greens powder for a daily clean out well even better choose one that has both combined - our favourite of course is Immunity Fuel probiotic powder in both original and gluten free 
  • daily exercise - try hot yoga for a good detox from the inside out

De - clutter and Spring Clean your home

  • Be thorough one room at a time
  • Check out Clea and Joanna in The Home edit on netflix for some great home organisation tips and you can also follow them on instagram

Low-tox your Life

  • Start one area of your life at a time and go step by step from there.
  • Resources to help - Alexx Stuart at 
  • Cleaning products you can make them yourself using  Doterra essential oils as your base or our favourite is the cleaning products from Changing Habits 
  • Check out your local farmers markets or if they arent on at the moment in your area any delivery service for locally grown fruit and veges, if possible go with organic.

I hope this helps to get you started on your spring detox.

Good Luck!
Cassie x
GM Immunity Fuel Australia


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