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Immunity Fuel Reviews and Testimonials

Immunity Fuel Probiotic Superfood powder is a results based product. People all over NZ and Australia have found awesome results from using our products, of which they have shared below. Read what our customers have to say in the Immunity Fuel reviews below.

"I have Ulcerative Colitis and struggled with tiredness, no energy and irregular bowel movements. I have a suppressed immune system due to the infusions I receive 8 weekly. Immunity Fuel was suggested to me and I purchased 1 tub. As I am a sceptic, during the several years of taking Immunity Fuel, when I have run out I've taken a break to see if I can notice any difference. YES I CAN! I have less energy and my bowel movements are not as regular as when I am taking Immunity Fuel. I've tried other over the counter products without seeing improvement. I recommend Immunity Fuel."
Sam, NT

"This is my third round of taking it…I used it after a nasty experience post antibiotics.  It quickly helped to soothe my digestive system and I could resume normal life again.  I had no idea about gut issues and feel incredibly empathetic to anyone who suffers from them.  Thank the good lord for immunity fuel.  I take it everyday in the morning and trust that it is helping to support me.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product." Emma, Northland

"Thank you for making such an awesome product. We love it! I got it for my daughter to try and combat the daycare bugs and she’s only been sick once this winter! That bug took the rest of the house out for a week but she got over it in 2 days. I’m about to buy our second lot so the whole household can take it. Love that it’s an all in one, we just mix it into yogurt and my kids happily eat it. Thanks again!"
Jamie, Auckland

"I have been using Immunity Fuel for a little over a month along with the Maca for woman and collagen powders. I've noticed a significant difference in my energy levels which for me has been life changing as doctors had told me that i'm anaemic only in December and that I 'need' to take iron tablets, which I did not want to do. These supplements have been an additional support to further life changes i've made to aid my body in returning to its natural state and heal itself, but I couldn't recommend these products more. My body went from rejecting supplements causing side effects like constipation and heaviness, fatigue to higher energy levels and far improved digestion. Never felt better!! Highly highly recommend."
N.Zink. South Australia

"The gf product is amazing, I have been unwell with gut issues for quite a while and this has changed my life. Also since I started taking Immunity Fuel my hayfever has completely disappeared. I was taking it for a month and then noticed it was gone. It was so bad I had to sometimes take days off work & my face was so painful - I highly recommend to give this a try. Thanks Immunity Fuel! 🙏 😊 
Sonia, Alexandria, NZ

My family has been using immunity fuel for over 1 year now its a fantastic product, we barely even get a cold but if we do we fight if off within 1 day. I literally cant remember the last time any of us had antibiotics and im prone to bronchitis every year in spring. Super easy to take we take 1 teaspoon in apple juice every day. I would highly recommend this product and Cassie is just so helpful and always replies promptly to emails, keep up the good work.😁
Lianne, Victoria

"This stuff is pure Gold! My daughter suffered from terrible cystic acne on her face and back,somehow..thankfully i came across Immunity fuel,3rd tub in,and her skin is clear and beautiful..honestly cant believe it..as we had tried almost everything and had booked a derm appt to undertake Roaccutane...a last resort which i really didnt want her to do! Thanks to immunity fuel we didnt need that appt! Can't speak highly enough of this product,.its been a godsend for a girl who was a depressed mess due to severe and very sore acne. Thank you so much immunity fuel for the amazing results,she is living proof this stuff is worth every cent"
Tonia Barber - Happy Mother, Australia.

"I've been using the gluten free Immunity Fuel powder for 3 months now and it has saved my skin! Previously I battled constant skin breakouts on my cheeks, chin and jawline and after the first month of taking Immunity Fuel the breakouts started to clear. Now on month 3 and my skin is almost completely clear! I've tried countless probiotic powders in the past and none compare to the amazing effects of Immunity Fuel. I'm devoted for life! Thank you so much for creating such a clean and amazing product!"
Nicole Maree, Tweed Heads, NSW

"I was already taking other probiotics without much improvement and was suggested by my mum to order some Immunity Fuel. I have been suffering from multiple Autoimmune diseases along with IBS for some years now with no light at the end of the tunnel. Since starting on the Immunity Fuel i have found i have more bounce in my step, i feel better and healthier. I am able to tolerate foods i wasn't able to previously. My skin has cleared up and my hair is starting to get stronger. I am getting less bloat and sleeping better. I am in absolute love ❤ Thank You"- Claire, Sydney, NSW Australia

"I'd like to tell you that after reading Lynda Castles story I thought how similar it was to mine . I had a very bad case of food poisoning over seas and your product has totally helped me recover from what became lingering consequences. I take mine with yogurt whenever I can fit it into my day . It has returned my system back to normal. I had tried a few things but nothing worked . I love that your product gave me a healthy gut and I think I'll continue with it , I feel it has an ongoing effect on my overall health. Thank you Immunity Fuel"Jo Holmes, Highlands, Victoria

"I was diagnosed in March 2018 with advanced liver cancer, bone cancer along with another tumour in the breast, even though I have had a double mastectomy. I am 54 years old and do not look sick. Immunity Fuel has given me energy and along with many other healthy supplements I am still outliving all expectations. I decided not to do chemotherapy but to follow a natural health diet. Thank you for making Immunity Fuel. My best description is that I wake feeling refreshed for about an hour. Then I just want to go and lie down again, a bit like a battery draining very quickly. After taking Immunity Fuel it’s like I get plugged in and away I go for the rest of the day. I started out taking an 1/8tsp as I was not sure if my liver would or could process anything. I have slowly over a month or so built this up to 2 tsp a day which I have each morning.

While I am on a sickness benefit and live on my own, I have been greatly blessed with adult children who have supported my decision not to do chemotherapy and therefore help fund my diet. While chemotherapy costs the NZ Govt $90,000 a year, there is no funding or support for people like myself who go outside the system. Please keep doing what you are doing. Many people I speak with now take Immunity Fuel as a result of seeing how well I am doing."
Anita, Hawkes Bay, NZ

"for those who think that this product can't make that much difference  - you are wrong! I work with the general public and ALWAYS get sick at this time of year. Especially when I attend big functions. But I have found the way to fix this - just double up on my daily dosage, morning and night for the day and next day. This has meant that so far since I started taking this product in April, the most I have been 'sick' has been a little bit of a scratchy throat that night and sinus in the morning after a function and nothing after that. Previously I would be sick nearly every month.
Anytime I feel I'm getting sick, I double the daily rate - no sickness, no time off work. I am so glad I found this product! Love it!"
A. Rowell, Brisbane, Qld

"Thank you for giving me my life back... ever since I had a bout of salmonella back in 1993 I have suffered with IBS, the flare ups were terrible and left me with such bad anxiety that people thought I had an eating disorder, I had tried other probiotics which often left me bloated and sick, I can't eat any sort of bean, sprout or anything with artificial sweetener so I was scared when I first put my order in, I started real slow with a quarter of a teaspoon...it's been a month I have avoided a cold and am eating with no problems and sleeping, I haven't felt this healthy in a long time thank you so much..."

Anthi, Adelaide, South Australia 

"Absolutely love this product..my whole family including my 2 little boys take this daily..i just pop in their smoothie or pancake and they don't even notice. I feel so much better and more energy since taking this probiotic. I was so over buying lots of different supplements..it was great to find a probiotic with lots of extra goodness in it too. Highly recommend this to everyone" 😊 

Gillian, Taupo, NZ

'Before I found Immunity Fuel I was having trouble with my digestive system and sleep. I was constantly feeling bloated and sleep was terrible with constant waking during the night. I had taken other probiotics in the past but they did not help as well as Immunity Fuel has. To alleviate the sleeplessness I had been taking sleeping pills and that is not a good solution at all. Since Immunity Fuel I now have no bloating, better health and better sleep! Also I have been very successful at warding off the dreaded winter flu so far. Normally at this point in the year I would have been sick for a couple of weeks already! This is a great product! It has more beneficial bacteria then anything on the market and it is easy to take. It tastes a little different at first but i find it a pleasant addition to my yoghurt and cold drinks. It might seem like an expensive product but you dont need to take any other supplements so in reality it is a great price product that is really easy to take.'
Angelina, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

"Hey my immunity fuel is amazing, just thought i'd report back to you so worth the money ... I’m not as bloated as I can feel it is working in my gut all the time, esp after food ,, more energy ,,, digestion a lot better  "
Katrina, Oamaru, NZ

"I love it. I have Irritable Bowel and have not had an episode since I started taking Immunity Fuel. I was taking another probiotic previously which I thought was good, but Immunity Fuel is even better".Tracy, Havelock North, NZ

"I have been taking this for many months now and I give them to my kids too.  It keeps my family's immunity up and they get over a cold or flu very quickly that I could not stop taking them now. Both my kids go to daycare and their educators actually asked me what my secret is because everytime when there is a viral/gastro/flu/hands foot mouth disease spreading in the centre, my kids are still running around happy and healthy. If they do get hit by the spread, they got over it in less than a day. I feel that we are surrounded by so many toxins nowadays that this is a small price to pay for health. <3 Thank you Immunity Fuel Australia!"

Stephanie Yong,
Sydney, NSW

"I absolutely love this product. I have suffered twenty plus years of misery with chronic digestive issues and pain from a serious food poisoning episode overseas.  I have tried pretty much everything out there sadly all to no avail. Within two days of starting with Immunity fuel I could feel the difference and now 5 weeks later along with a couple of not so good days, I am pain free and can see a much brighter future for me. It's hard to grasp how much this means, not only to me but my friends and family around me. I would (and have) highly recommend giving this product a try... it's a real lifesaver.  Thank you Immunity Fuel"

Lynda  Sunshine Coast.

"I have been in a very stressful situation over the last 2 years which caused many problems in my normally healthy body. Severe Indigestion, bloating, lack of energy and a general feeling of being unwell. Immunity Fuel was recommended by my daughter and after only 2 months I feel that I am on my way back to good health again. I am grateful." 
Ann, Taranaki, NZ

"After 25+ years of gut issues, I found Immunity Fuel, within months of taking it,  I noticed pain relief and my body functioned generally better. I had only been on it for a few weeks when many around me were sick with gastrointestinal issues so I doubled my intake and did not have the symptoms they all had. Now after being on it for over 1 year it's a product that I take daily and don't leave home without.  Immunity Fuel has aided digestive discomfort and helps keep me regular. Due to the ingredients I now no longer need to take 3 other supplements because Immunity Fuel has it all in one."Dina McMasterGold Coast, Qld

"I am Coeliac and since I have been taking Immunity Fuel I have higher energy levels, improved sleep & I'm more regular! My general well being has improved immensely. Totally recommend the product."

Mick Taylor
Carey Park, WA

"I could not speak more highly of immunity fuel. For the past year I have been having issues with bloating, gas and ongoing digestive and fungal issues. I have been on immunity fuel for around a month now and after experiencing a slight healing crisis with the detoxing of my body it is fair to say I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. I have less bloating, less reactions to foods and am regular as clockwork. I am also a early childhood teacher so I love the fact that immunity fuel is a probiotic and multivitamin in one... so convenient and it tastes great! I have had so much more energy and just feel generally awesome all round! Thanks so much for making this product 🙌"
Suvana, Oamaru, NZ

"I suffered a lot of stomach bloating, wind pains and food sensitivities.  Within 2 weeks of taking Immunity Fuel I had a lot loss bloating, no real stomach pains and feeling much better energy wise, after 4 weeks as regular as clock work and food sensitivities have decreased.  Best thing, overall feel better health wise and energy levels are high. I work shifts so eating at regular times is not something I can do and that was a lot of my issue now even if I miss a meal or eat later it still doesn’t effect my stomach.
Anyone considering gut health and overall well-being this is the product to use. I have already recommended it to a lot of people."

Nicola Craddock.
Brisbane, Qld

"Started this 3 weeks ago, what a difference so much more energy and feeling less bloated.Just placed my 2nd order won't go without it now."

Brisbane, Qld

"I have been taking Immunity Fuel for just over a year now and I feel great. I had previously felt very unwell for years (gut issues), and I noticed a vast improvement in my health in the first 2 weeks. I highly recommend this product, and wouldn't be without it. Thanks"

John, Coromandel, NZ

"My prostate cancer had reached stage 4 in August 2015. I weighted just 52 KG and had a PSA of 320. Despite the previous 18 months of detoxing and immune support, my lymph system was found to be totally clogged with tumors to the point that I was unable to eat solid food at all and had no appetite. I was prescribed a number of medications to assist me to eat but none were effective. I prefer to follow a natural health regime and found 2 products that I feel helped turn around my cancer. I began taking Immunity Fuel 2 times per day and within a couple of weeks began to enjoy my smoothies and eat some solid food. I also take Salvestrol, a product that reportedly causes cell death in cancer. Now (Feb 2016) I have a great appetite and am eating 3 meals per day. I have gained 12 kilos, and my PSA is 21. I have a good energy level and feel fit. I am sure the Immunity Fuel has helped to stabilize my immune system, and helped me to recover my appetite."

Rob, Whangarei, NZ

"A few years ago I contracted meningitis. I beat it with the help of strong medication, but have had health issues ever since.... gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, bowel issues, skin issues, chronic fatigue... the list goes on. About 7 weeks ago I started taking Immunity Fuel and in the past 4-5 weeks most, if not all, my health issues have literally disappeared! I'm eating gluten again for the first time in years without any negative consequence, my skin has cleared, the black circles under my eyes have gone, AND best of all I wake up with energy each day... a feeling I haven't had in a VERY long time. I'm in love with this product, thank you for creating it!"

L. Slade, 
Bay of Plenty, NZ

"After 4 months of acute constipation, trying a variety of natural remedies and ultimately having to rely on laxatives and suppositories, I discovered Immunity Fuel. Since having a teaspoon a day in my morning smoothie, it's the only thing that's been keeping me regular in a natural way. I have more energy and have done away with the laxatives which is a big relief!"

Gold Coast, Queensland

"I had Gastric Sleeve surgery at the end of August, 2015. After the surgery, I struggled with eating and with nutrition. I would be lucky to eat 1/4 of a cup of food every day and some days I ate nothing. Reflux, Vomitting and Diarrhea were a daily problem, even with medication. I started taking my Immunity Fuel in the morning with my breakfast ( I added a teaspoon to my porridge of a morning, as I served it) and found that within a week, my appetite had started to improve, the issues with Reflux and Diarrhea deceased to the point where the need for medications is rare. Immunity Fuel has become a big part of my daily dietary regime."

Brisbane, Queensland

"After a misspent youth, twenties and some of my thirties, I was struggling with the effects of a poor diet and exercise regimen. Not only was I in a poor state of physical health, my mental health was beginning to suffer. This was not helped by a stressful job that didn't leave much time for proper exercise.
After meeting Cassie Brown, listening to her story and experiences, and hearing the benefits of including Immunity Fuel in my daily routine, I decided to give it a try.
After a bit of discomfort over the first few days, the changes in the first 3 weeks were very apparent. My mood had lightened, I was beginning to feel less bloated and lethargic, my improved mood led to making healthy dietary and exercise choices (yes I found time for exercise) and I began to notice my stress level diminishing. There were also positive changes in bodily function (I'll let you work out what that means). Immunity Fuel, with heaps of helpful advice from Cassie, helped me back on my way to good physical and mental health.
My habits still wax and wane from time to time, but one thing is very clear to me…… When Immunity Fuel is a regular part of my daily routine I function at a far higher level physically and mentally than when I let my good habits slip….

Immunity Fuel will help you find your way to good health, and keep you there."
Toowoomba, Queensland.

I was reasonably happy about my health before I came across Immunity fuel, but I thought I'd try it out to see what effect it had. I started with just 1tsp in the morning and then after a week added a 1/2 tsp in the evening. Within a fortnight I noticed that a residual inner-ear infection, that I'd suffered for 10 months, began to clear. After 6 weeks of using Immunity Fuel daily it was completely clear. Other positive effects have been a noticeable reduction in a long-standing 'natural gas' condition, and a reduction in my appetite for coffee."

Rosalie S Thames Coast, NZ

"I just feel better in general that's the best way to sum it up. after the first week I started to notice feeling generally better I have been using immunity fuel for nearly two months now and I'm staying on it for sure."

Tim Haggis
Adelaide, South Australia

"I am a cancer survivor, and I often suffer from fatigue and digestive issues. I found that when I started the immunity fuel, I began to have more energy and my stomach is feeling better too!! I am so glad I will be able to order it through your website, and there are a couple of other people in my family who would like to try it too.. And thank you for making it possible for us to get immunity fuel in Canada! I am telling my friends and family about it!"

Toronto, Canada

"I love Immunity Fuel! It's fantastic to have found a product that is full of live bacteria, contains pre and pro biotics, isn't in tablet form, doesn't contain fillers and includes Saccharomyces boulardii a yeast that is very beneficial for me. I have noticed a real difference in my gut function - I am prone to candida albicans running out of control when I slip into bad habits - and my body is much more alkaline than it's ever been - a simple indicator for me is my high body acidity turns the skin on my ear lobes black when I wear silver earrings - this doesn't happen when I'm taking raw cider vinegar and immunity fuel. I went away for my Xmas holidays and left it behind. Within a couple of days I missed it and bought some at a local health food store where I was staying. I also give it to my dogs pretty regularly to supplement their raw diet - as you can see they are pictures of happiness and health. Thank you!"
Wellington, NZ

"Our whole family on and off over the last 2 years have been battling with a couple of parasites. The children in particular had terrible symptoms of diarrhoea, loss of appetite, bloating, terrible stomach cramps and a constant unwell feeling. They had rounds of flagyl prescribed by doctors but the parasites remained. After much research I decided the only way to treat it was to hit them hard with alternative treatments and this is when I came across Immunity Fuel. I emailed Cassie and told her about our symptoms and she told me about her personal experience with parasites after travelling. We gave Immunity Fuel a go along with kefir and a limited amount of sugar in our diets and so far the whole family no longer has symptoms. I would recommend to anyone that's been suffering from parasites to give this a go."
Pottsville, NSW

"Hi I just started taking Immunity Fuel about 4days ago and I can already say things are getting better and I'm drinking a lot more water too. I've bought so many other products to help but no luck I think I'm onto a good thing. Thanks"

Bonnie Baird, 
Melbourne, Victoria

"Before I started Immunity fuel I suffered from IBS and bloating. I have tried other probiotics and supplements with a whole foods mainly plant based diet without much success. After taking Immunity Fuel I now don't have diahrea as much and bloating is rare.I am also more regular, I have Improved energy levels and I feel better in myself I believe in products that don't contain additives and are made from real foods. Immunity fuel has helped me and I would recommend it to others." 

Tracy Horne
Wynnum West Qld

"I started taking immunity fuel as I am going through menopause and felt generally unwell. I have had gingivitis for 25 years and it had become so severe the hand basin was full of blood when I cleaned my teeth. The bleeding has stopped. in just two weeks, not a drop of blood when I clean my teeth. I never expected that and I am thrilled as it was becoming a serious problem. Not only that but I generally feel much better and have more energy and I think there is some reduction in the intensity of the hot flushes. I have realised also that the discomfort I have had in my right ear for years, has gone. The only explanation I had been given for that was referred pain from an old injury. My guts, which for years have been a problem with gas and general malaise are improving. In time, I will try gluten as I had to go off this totally some months back and prior to that was on a very low gluten diet."
Robyn, Waikato, NZ

*All of our testimonies are 100% genuine word for word and sent in by our customers.

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