How to take Immunity Fuel

and what to expect...

Each tub of Immunity Fuel contains 50 x 1 teaspoon (3g) serves, and each serve contains billions of probiotics as well as nutritional multi-vitamins. Just 1 teaspoon a day is all that is required to get your daily dose of good bacteria and wholefood nutrients.

To get started, we recommend taking just 1/2 a teaspoon per day for the first week to allow your body to get used to the product, as you may experience a healing response (see below) as the body detoxifies itself. After 7-10 days this can be increased to 1 full teaspoon. If you are wanting a more intense detox more than 1 teaspoon per day can be taken and this is up to each individual depending on your health & body.

For children we recommend starting with 1/4 and working up to 1/2 a teaspoon, and for babies start with a pinch when they start solids, increasing slowly to 1/8 to 1/4 of a teaspoon.

If you suffer from IBS, leaky gut, or any other digestive disorder you may like to start with just a quarter of a teaspoon per day. As the toxins are released from your body this can be interpreted as an irritation to the bowel if it occurs to quickly, so best to start off slowly and let the bacteria do their work gradually.

If you have any queries on how to take Immunity Fuel please contact us on 1300 093 720.

what to expect

When taking Immunity Fuel for the first time, some people may experience what is known as a 'healing response'. Many people can be quite toxic from the effects of prescription drugs, bad eating habits and an accumulation of preservatives eaten over the years. Once the body starts to receive proper nutrients at a cellular level, and the good bacteria start to destroy the bad bacteria a healing response may follow. This is a good sign and means the body is detoxifying itself. This may manifest itself as aches, pains, flu like symptoms, diarrhoea, or a general unwell feeling. Keep taking the product (you could lessen your daily amount) until this passes and drink plenty of water to assist the elimination process.

serving suggestions

Immunity Fuel easily dissolves into most liquids, make sure they are cool as anything too hot may kill the bacteria. E.g.

  • water
  • coconut water
  • fruit juice
  • smoothies.

Sprinkle on food such as breakfast cereals, or anything that is not too hot (below 55°).
Mix into yoghurt for the kids
Add to your favourite bliss ball recipe

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