Coronovirus Update 26/03/2020

On behalf of the whole Immunity Fuel team, we hope that you and your families are safe and well.
Immunity Fuel Australia operates our business entirely from home, so we will be processing and posting orders as usual.  
All family members are at home and abiding by all rules as outlined by our authorities. 

 We have all our stock here on site and will be using both Australia Post and door to door contactless courier service for your deliveries.

This means we can keep on doing what we do with little interruption unless we run out of stock. 
Due to the virus we have been experiencing very high demand for our products, and we are currently low on our very popular Gluten Free and sold out of Original 150g tubs. We have a new batch of product currently being manufactured, and whilst there should be no delays, it does undergo a lengthy fermentation process so we expect original to be with us beginning of April and Gluten Free by mid April.

We do have plenty of the gluten free and original capsules available.

Our commitment is to continue to provide you with our natural, organic live probiotic products, maca powders and marine collagen to boost your gut & immune health naturally.
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email, webchat or text us on 0418 498 682.
Challenging times indeed, but we just want to reiterate it is business as usual for now.

Please look after each other, stay safe, and together we can get through this.
Cassie x
Immunity Fuel Australia


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