Every day we lose good bacteria which are vital for maintaining a healthy body...Immunity Fuel Probiotic Superfood is a 100% natural combination of  billions of live bacteria (13 strains of Lactobacillus bacteria & 2 strains of Saccharomyces yeasts) and raw certified organic wholefoods. These are fermented together for 3 weeks during which time the bacteria pre-digest the wholefoods so the nutrients can be instantly absorbed by your body's cells.

Immunity Fuel is Australia's premium, results oriented all in one natural probiotic and multi vitamin.

Balance your Gut Health and Boost your Immune System!

   15 strains of LIVING probiotics

   Billions of good, friendly, live bacteria

   Certified Organic Wholefood Nutrition

   Replace live bacteria in your gut

   Detox your body of chemicals & toxins

   Clean out your digestive system and colon

   Replace vital nutrients at a cellular level

   Strengthen your Immune system 

   Promote a healthy gut and aid digestion

   Increase energy & vitality

   Great for the whole family

   Suitable during pregnancy & breastfeeding

   50 serves per tub


More than just a probiotic

Since the beginning of time, Mother Nature provided us with the essential bacteria our bodies need each day from the natural food we ate, grown in nutrient rich soils.  Today this is not always possible, so we developed Immunity Fuel using only the best plant based bacteria and certified organic wholefoods.  Available in the original formula, or the gluten free formula, this product is a powerful combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and raw wholefoods rich in good bacteria, essential amino acids, digestive enzymes and whole food vitamins and minerals. The gluten free formula is guaranteed gluten free, so is perfect for those with severe gluten intolerance or Coeliac disease.






"I have been taking this for many months now and I give them to my kids too.  It keeps my family's immunity up and they get over a cold or flu very quickly that I could not stop taking them now. Both my kids go to daycare and their educators actually asked me what my secret is because everytime when there is a viral/gastro/flu/hands foot mouth disease spreading in the centre, my kids are still running around happy and healthy. If they do get hit by the spread, they got over it in less than a day. I feel that we are surrounded by so many toxins nowadays that this is a small price to pay for health. <3 Thank you Immunity Fuel Australia!"

Stephanie Yong,
Sydney, NSW

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