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Our Mission

We believe that all health and all disease begins with the gut. Our mission is to give people the opportunity and tools they need to restore and reclaim their health with a 100% natural certified organic product. This probiotic superfood is results orientated and the health benefits that people have experienced while using it have been amazing! Immunity Fuel is unique in the fact that it is classed as a raw fermented food, containing all 13 strains of the Lactobacillus family, 2 beneficial yeast strains plus Certified Organic wholefoods so it is a probiotic with nutritional value – an all-in-one SUPER FOOD! We love this product and want to share it so everyone has the opportunity to be healthy and happy too. 

The company and product name Immunity Fuel is based around IMMUNITY - the immune system support provided by the 15 probiotioc bacteria in our formula, and FUEL - the fuel our bodies receive from the wholefood nutrients. Immunity Fuel works on the principle of restoring good bacteria to the gut and the nutrients to the cells the body requires to heal itself.

Damian Johansen

Founder / Director

Damian grew up in the Coromandel, NZ and learnt from a young age about Maori foods and medicines through his family's adventure tourism business. He has gone on to run his own successful tourism business and has built a good understanding of how nature can heal our bodies. Damian became interested in probiotics after meeting and becoming friends with Czerral, the developer of the probiotic superfood formula. This led to Damian having his own formula, and he created the Brand 'Immunity Fuel' to market the product. Damian is interested in all facets of human health & wellbeing, and as a user of the product for 3 years prior to having his own formula can wholeheartedly vouch for its unique ability to maintain good gut health functions. 
Damian suffered from a combination of glandular fever, a kidney virus and chicken pox in his 20's and felt his health never fully recovered, however with the help of the probiotic superfood, he has regained his energy and vitality, as well as losing weight – dropping 10 kg's in 2 years which he has since maintained. 

Elizabeth Riddell

NZ Marketing Manager

Elizabeth grew up on a sheep & beef farm in Southern Hawkes Bay, and has a Commerce degree in Marketing and an Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of Otago. Elizabeth traveled extensively for about 5 years then came home and worked in the corporate world for 10 years. After meeting Damian Elizabeth moved to the Coromandel and is enjoying working full time on the marketing and administration (& everything else!) for Immunity Fuel. Elizabeth & Damian had their first child in 2015, and Elizabeth took Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood throughout the pregnancy, which helped to maintain energy levels and keep regular, as well as supply all the essential nutrients to the baby to assist growth & development. Elizabeth continued to take Immunity Fuel whilst breastfeeding, and since baby Hawk began solids he has had a pinch of Immunity Fuel added to his porridge every day. As he grows this dose has increased to about 1/2 a teaspoon.

Cassie Brown

General Manager, Immunity Fuel Australia.

Cassie, pregnant with her first child, grew up In Tweed Heads, Australia with a love for the coast and an avid health researcher with an interest in staying healthy and happy naturally with fewer to no use of medications. "I knew that one day I wanted to have a business where I could help others to live a happy and healthy life, naturally too."
Whilst travelling around Europe in 1999, Cassie suffered a severe case of food poisoning resulting in hospitalisation twice and a near death experience. Her digestive system never quite recovered. After years of seeing different therapists and trying different products her research led her to discovering Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood as it was just about to be launched in NZ.
"After almost 15 years of digestive health issues, Immunity Fuel completely healed my gut and changed my life!
This was something special." 
Immunity Fuel Australia was then launched in January 2016.
"I now focus my research on immune health and the digestive tract (gut) . Our gut influences every aspect of our health and when everything in that area is balanced and healthy, you feel so good and start to notice other health problems start to drop away"
"I love Immunity Fuel and I love hearing how it helps others on a daily basis, I am now living my dream of helping others to live happy, healthy lives, naturally too "

Where Immunity Fuel came from...

The formula for Immunity Fuel probiotic superfood was the brainchild of Czerral, D.V. Med, MMBM, who resided in Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsula. Czerral was interested in and studied nutrition for over 35 years, first introducing the worlds first super food, Spirulina, to the world in 1979. Later in 1994 he developed and introduced the first Certified Organic, fermented prebiotic & probiotic superfood, and it is this development that the formula for Immunity Fuel is based on.

Damian, Founder & Director of Immunity Fuel was lucky to meet and become friends with Czerral and his wife Diviana in Tairua. Czerral and Diviana have shared with Damian a wealth and depth of knowledge about how our bodies function and respond to natural products. They have reiterated the view of looking at everything from a natural perspective and that the only way to get well is to go 'back to nature'.  Disease is simply the malnutrition of the cells and if we give our cells nourishment with natural nutrients and replace the good bacteria for our immune and digestive system, the body has an amazing ability to repair itself.

"The cause of all disease is simply the malnutrition of cells. 
Once we understand this then we can reclaim our birthright, 'HEALTH'"

Czerral D.V. Med, MMBM 
Developer of the Immunity Fuel formula

“For me not to have any colds or flus for over 3 years is awesome as I am self employed and can't afford to be sick. To have the energy that I had when I was 20 again is just amazing and my ability to deal with stress has also improved. All round it is the best natural product I have ever come across!"


“I have been taking Immunity Fuel for several years now, and love the increased energy levels I have experienced. As the product is all natural I know it is good for me and for our boy Hawk, who has been taking it since starting solids at 5 months of age. It's peace of mind to know he is getting all the goodness our bodies need to grow and build strong immune systems." 


"I was spending around $250/month on a probiotic, digestive enzyme, B complex and a greens powder to assist my digestive health, now all I need is the one product "Immunity Fuel" and my digestive system is now working better then ever. My food is being digested, I'm able to eat and drink pretty much anything I want again and I'm removing toxic waste every day rather then only 1-2 times a week like I was before Immunity Fuel. I feel less bloated, I have more energy and my skin is glowing. I love this product and now I want to help others live a healthy and happy life too"


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